Our company, operating in aluminum facade and joinery industry makes a commitment to provide a healthier and safer working environment and protection of environment to its employees and workers acting on behalf of the company, guests and suppliers while continuing its own activities.

In this direction, we promise to;

Comply with occupational health and safety and the related legal requirements,

Provide any kind of training needed by workers acting on behalf of our company and solving problems in the source before they happen by a proactive approach provided by taking necessary precautions,

Measuring occupational health and safety and environment management system performance and providing continuous improvement in required fields,

Conduct risk assessments about our activities, determine risks to take necessary precautions and continuously review,

Minimize these risks and hazards and develop activity plans accordingly,

Conduct studies to minimize consumption of natural resources,

Lower workday losses resulting from work accidents to minimum.

We strive to be a preferred, reliable and pace setter institution that manufactures products which meet the expectations by complying and constantly improving efficiency of quality management conditions, decreasing fault reasons with reprocessing rate, increasing personnel training period, decreasing work accidents, minimizing customer complaints, aiming increasing customer satisfaction.

Yalaz Yapı has adopted giving particular importance to conscious quality understanding and customer satisfaction as a principle.

By continuous checks made in our quality control laboratories;


Measuremental checks as well as all laboratory tests within the scope of international standards of all manufactured products are conducted.


Corner press, impact resistance in cold and similar tests that has an active role in the joinery manufacture is conducted.


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