Modern architecture aims to make interior and exterior borders invisible to provide maximum comfort and save up the space. Sliding joinery and folding doors provide a perfect solution to these special requirements. These features enable more sunlight to enter into the house with minimum effect on the use of space by forming bigger glass areas.  


Open to all possibilities

To address all possible needs, Reynaers’ sliding joinery and folding systems provide a series of manual and automatic opening possibilities that range from single rail systems that disappear into the walls to 4 rail systems that form large open areas and folding systems that create large gaps. 

The difference between these possibilities can be shortly described as follows:


Single rail system, joins a mobile part with a fixed glass. Since the glass element is connected to outer frame profile, it creates a minimalistic look. Single rail sliding element can also go into the wall depending on which system you chose.


Double rail system creates an aesthetic sliding door by joining two similar looking glass panes. 


3 and 4 rail system enables placement of extra opening windows by putting extra rails on external frame. This solution increases the possible opening area of sliding element and enables large gaps to be possible between interior and exterior area.   


Folding door system creates the most possible opening area. In this system, glass elements are folded into or outside of a wall by use of a rail. 


Issue of Comfort

Use of aluminum for sliding joinery and folding doors provides optimum solutions in terms of strength and stability requirements of large glass areas like these.

To enable easy opening of sliding elements, Reynaers’ offers both high quality sliding and lifting and sliding solutions with stainless wheels and rails. Sliding joinery solutions are pretty ergonomic. To increase the comfort level, we offer lifting and sliding solutions where the door is lifted up before moving on rails. At the same time, this provides extra sealing and locking capabilities. For maximum comfort, full automatic opening is also possible. 


... and design

Our sliding systems require low maintenance and offers different isolation and safety levels. 


Infinite color and surface coating options vary from matte, glossy and metallic powder paint and eloxal to low maintenance and scratching resistant textured powder paint. Profiles can be made to look like real wood and this is valid for both inside and outside of the windows, providing the perfect harmony of your home with indoors and outdoors.  

Glass Patio 51
CP 96
Concept Patio® 96
Concept Patio® 45
Concept Patio® 155
Concept Patio® 130
Concept Folding® 77
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