Epoxy is a surface coating system that is antibacterial, anti-dust, waterproof, visually impressive, resistant to friction and wear, easy to clean, highly resistant to acids and chemicals and easily and quickly applicable without a joint.


Due to its strong and durable adhesiveness capacity, epoxy has become the most preferred product group in the construction industry. With its extensive color options, epoxy is a long-lasting antibacterial product that gives very good chemical and mechanical strength and an aesthetical and solid appearance.


Epoxy surface coating is a technological construction material that is developed to cover and protect construction surfaces against the worst conditions of nature and industry in all kinds of land and sea environments by coating them with aesthetical materials.


Besides, thanks to their superior adhesiveness, epoxy materials are used to bond and attach different types of construction materials with each other because of their mechanical and physical durability.


In addition to creating modern spaces, epoxy coating is used to develop healthy and hygienic buildings. Coated areas become resistant to dust, do not host bacteria and offer easy cleaning.


Floor Covering


Offering superior features in decorative and industrial aspects compared with their alternatives, epoxy floor covering is used more and more each passing day. The most preferred areas of use include Factories, Stores, Industrial Facilities, Warehouses, Hangars, Hospitals, Schools, Offices, Laboratories, Repair and Assembly Workshops, Hotels, Food Production Facilities, Textile Workshops, Car parks and others.




Besides their many other features, epoxy resins are the best chemical materials in terms of impermeability. They offer absolute solutions in many areas, such as pools, bathrooms and terraces. With their waterproofing capacity as a very good coating material, epoxy resins eliminates any additional post-proofing cost.


Structural Repair and Reinforcement


After completing their chemical reaction, epoxy resins become very durable chemical materials which structurally bonds the area where they are applied. Due to this advantage, they are used in all repair and reinforcement operations.


Bonding and Installation Works


Being at the top among adhesive products in terms of its capability, epoxy performs a structural bonding in its area of application and bonding lasts with the same performance for a long time since their features do not change over time.


Paint Applications


Epoxy based resin groups are more important in the paint industry than in the coating sector provided their all other characteristics remain the same. In particular, their success in industrial uses has made epoxy paints essential in all operations where longevity and quality are considered important. Besides their use in heavy industry and machinery industry, epoxy based paints are also used in the marine industry, a field with the most challenging conditions. 


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