For many architects, the aesthetic value of a building is defined by its façade design and concept. However, the authentic side of a building is not just an architecture statement; technical requirements that improve the living and working environment of the building must also be realized. These requirements focus on comfort aspects such as sun light, ventilation and energy conservation as well as improved safety and structural stability.    


Aesthetic solutions

Reynaers’ siding solutions are well equipped to meet different requirements. Siding systems offer various aesthetic solutions from surface covers in different styles with vertical and horizontal lines to minimalistic style that uses structural glass or cover technologies to completely enable architectural creativity. For special architectural design concepts like authentic surface covers or curved structures, Reynaers provide tailored solutions for every demand.   


Modern technical performance

On the other hand, a wide variety of our siding facade systems provide suitable solutions according to technical requirements of the building. Modular systems such as panel siding enables fast assembly on site. These systems are suitable for multi-story buildings. They present impeccable behavior against movement and expansion of the building and improve acoustical performance. The use of these aluminum sidings is inevitable because they meet the requirements all the strength and stability of large glass surfaces. Due to Reynaers’ siding facades are in compliance of highest standards in energy efficiency and safety, they also provide highest performance requirements specified for your building.  


Complete solution for your façade

Also, due to all siding systems being compatible with each other, a full solution presentation is made possible with full freedom of designer by allowing perfect integration of windows, doors, roof systems and even photovoltaic panels. A selection from matte, glossy or metallic powder paint or eloxal to low maintenance and scratching resistant powder paint, hundreds of different colors, powder paints or eloxal are available
Curtain wall® 50
Curtain wall® 60
Curtain wall® 65-EF
Curtain wall® 86
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